 Stationery items are available from the school shop, and are charged on a per item basis.
 All uniforms are to be purchased by parent or guardian at the school shop on a per item basis. School uniform includes:
 A pair of white shirt
 One gray trouser/skirt
 One black v – neck jumper
 One maroon blazer
 One fly tie
 A pack of gray and white socks
 One sports short and polo
 School kits can also be purchased at the school shop.

 Fees are payable in advance of the start of each term, and where fees are not paid by the due date the school reserves the right to refuse a student entry.
 Tuition fees are not inclusive of international field trips and external examination [IGCSE, WASCE] Fees at year 11 and 12 respectively and (checkpoint) fees at year 9. These will be billed separately in that year.
 Once a student has commenced a term, the fees for that term are non-refundable.
 Students who join the school part way through a term will be charged a full term’s fees if they join at any stage after half term.
 Discount of 5% on tuition fee will be given where a full year’s fees are paid in advance of the commencement of term 1.
 A discount of 5% on tuition will be given to parents with 3 children in the school. Note that the discount will be on the last child.
 As a way of appreciation and incentive, the school will give 2% off tuition to parents who refer other parents(terms and condition apply)
 All Fees should be paid in Naira, to the specified bank:- (First Bank Nigeria Plc. Account name: NAOWA College, Abuja. Account number: 2026609001)

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