A core value is a central belief clearly understood and shared by every member of a school community.

At The NAOWA College we believe in:

  • Commitment
  • Opportunity
  • Respect and,
  • Excellence

By commitment we mean that everyone:

  • shows loyalty to friends, colleagues and the school
  • -Is willing to support and show care for those who need help
  • Is willing to work to the highest level
  • Is willing to keep the school rules



By Opportunity we mean that everyone:

  • Develops confidence through participation
  • Volunteers in a variety of school situations
  • Consider their own strength and set personal goals for improvement
  • Pursue individual interests in a matter which broadens horizons


We also


The NAOWA College has very high expectations in terms of discipline.  We expect our students to be courteous and respectful to all adults. They are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that will give credit to the school.






The NAOWA College has no religious affiliation.  However, provisions have been made to cater for our students religious needs. For example:

  • We ensure that our Muslim students say their five prayers daily.
  • They have Islamiyya lessons four times a week
  • They attend Friday worship at the mosque in the barrack
  • The Christian students have their daily devotions
  • They meet on Fridays for fellowship and have interdenominational service on Sundays in the school hall.