School fees are payable in NAIRA to be set at the beginning of each term.
School fees are payable in advance i.e. the start of the academic year/term.
For returning students ONLY, the termly school tuition fee is divided into two i.e. 70% on resumption and 30% on or before midterm.
Bank Transfer
Cash Payment
(i) Cash can be paid directly to the School Bursar at TNC;
(ii) Cash can be paid directly into the School account (First Bank Nigeria Plc., The NAOWA College Abuja, account no. 2026609001) and original teller must be returned to the School Bursar in order to obtain an official receipt.
Cheque Payment
(i) Cheques must be issued in favour of “NAOWA College Abuja”;
(ii) If Cheques are returned unpaid, a N5000 bank penalty must be paid in cash to the School Bursar, being charges incurred on the returned cheque.
(i) It is important that you notify the School Bursar of any transfer into the School account. The School will not recognize any funds in transit. It is in the interest of the parent/guardian to ensure that the name of the student I on the transfer in the School account. The School will not recognize any funds in transit.
It is expected that upon admission into the School, a deposit will be paid to the School Bursar as follows:
Books: N60,000 for year 7/8 and N70,000 for year 10/11
Uniforms: This will be paid for depending on the number of uniforms requested by the Parent at the School Store.
You will receive a statement of account at the end of every term.
You may be called upon to top-up the account if required when the funds are running low. Books and uniforms will not be issued until this account is set up.
A terms’ notice, in writing, is required when removing your child from TNC and /or the Boarding House. If notice is not received, the deposit will be withheld.
If a student is withdrawn from School and/or the Boarding House at any point before the end of term, no refund is due for the balance of the term’s fees.
Any ad-hoc amount outstanding to the School may be deducted from the initial deposit.
Boarding deposit of N100,000 is to be paid before the end of May in order to reserve a place in the Boarding House for the following September. This will then be set off against the first term’s Boarding fee.

Payment reminder letters will be sent out before the end of each half-term to remind parents/guardians that all outstanding fees must be paid before the commencement of the following half term. Students whose fees have not been paid in full will not be allowed back in School until such outstanding fees have been settled.

The development fee is due by the first day of School year.