It is my sincere privilege and pleasure to welcome all our incoming students and the pioneer students of this great and unique secondary School (The NAOWA College). In spite of all our challenges, problems and difficulties we pledge to give you, our adored student, Modern, robust and competitive education so that you will graduate and gain admission into institutions of learning of your choice, in and out of the shores of this country base on the fusion of British and Nigeria Curriculum offered to you here in the NAOWA College.

Based on the curriculum style offered here, we believe that you will all graduate one day to become a responsible citizen of your various communities and our beloved country. In addition to our dual curriculum we also inculcate into you the need to be enterprising so that you can become self-reliance at the end of your studies.

We totally, recognize and appreciate the fact that the world is going computerized with new innovations and technology. It is in this light we therefore ensure that all our subject and the style of delivery will soon be IT compliant.

In order to achieve our goals and objectives we expect our students to be focus and hardworking. We also intend to mold both the behavioral aspect and the learning traits, to bring out the hidden potentials in our students.

To our beloved member of staff, in our little way we will aspire to provide you with a conducive environment to enable you make indelible mark and contributions to this young school so that we can all be proud of this College.

I want to sincerely appreciate the National President of NAOWA and Director of NAOWA College for giving me this rare privilege to serve in this capacity. My humble self and the entire NAOWA College community appreciate you. Thank you.

Once again welcome to you all.


Major ML Williams




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